About Me


What's up guys! Welcome to my personal travel page. A warm welcome to all you crazy travelers, vagabonds, adventurers and travel enthousiasts.

My name is Dennis, a 29 years old dude from the Netherlands who gave up his boring normal life to travel the world in a search for a more adventurous life. It has brought me to the most beautiful, crazy and interesting places on the planet. I guess I can say that I found the more adventurous life indeed, and there is no way i'll be quitting this lifestyle soon.

So why did I create this page?

Well, unlike most bloggers you'll see on your quest to find and read travel stories, I prefer a slightly different approach to sharing my experiences with you.

I make the pormise to you, right here, right now to share my wildest and most memorable stories on this page, as honest as possible. No cencorship, no bullshit and maybe with some strong language here and there. How else do you tell a good story? This is the place for you to read the stories that never make it home to mom and dad.

What happens in Vegas..... Not on this page.

Don't worry guys, i'll also share some valuable travel info with you and keep you updated about interesting places. Feel free to comment, I look forward to it! Hope you enjoy my blog!

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